Coin counting problem

Can someone tell me why the coin counter in the top left just shoots up out of sight whenever i pick up a coin. there isnt any weird code to it so idk why. You can check it in level 2 or when you click on play.

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Screenshot 2024-03-13 3.03.53 PM
here, you just need this number right here

I think anyways

sorry I did the wrong things before.

I also found that the number moved up when you collect a coin.

yes its supposed to be counting up, but whenever i collect a coin the coin counter on the top left moves up without any code to do so, which is weird to me

The issue is that your label has an enter inside it like this:


When you set the new label, the enter is removed and it goes up a line.
Just remove the newline and move the label and you should be good (:

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