college game

morning all, as a part of our games design course in college we have made games, this is my game, if you will please take some time out of your day and play my game and give me feedback please, thank you.

Adam xx

Is the player supposed to jump that high?

Yeah the player jumps to high

yes the player is meant to jump that high because its a super jump if you look in the description the normal jumps is “s”

Hey there, i have a discussion where you can submit your game by pasting the game link and I’ll try to give it a high-quality review ASAP!

…C’mon dude @Crigence :lol:
Well, I’m just gonna keep on trying, too. If ask enough people, at least one will come through. Hey @ak13042002ajk-1 , I would be glad to also review your game! Just post the link in my discussion, Bored Reviews: and I will also give it a like!

Like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger