Collider option

@grazer I think it would be nice to make a pixel based collider for a little more complex objects, because of game ideas I haven’t been able to do I’m asking. basically the collider shape will change based on the pixels used and not used

for instance x = black y = erased
x x x
y y y
y y y

and only have the collider 3 pixels long
or for other complex shapes like “L” or something

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That works already. It just doesn’t change for animations.

how does it work?
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Hey @Drolfey the collision shapes adjust to fit the area of visible pixels in your sprite.

  1. The Rectangle shape will create the smallest rectangle that will enclose all your visible pixels
  2. The Circle will create the smallest circle that will enclose all your visible pixels
  3. Same with Capsule
  4. The polygon shape will draw a polygon around the visible pixels.

Polygon: basically what your feature request was asking.