Colliders are broken again

again the colliders are broken

You sure? They seem to be working ok when I try it.

Colliders work, but the player gets stuck from walking on spawned squares.
Try making the player a Capsule instead.


it was stopping me when I was moving strait as jr said u get caught on spawned blocks

unfortunately i need it to be a square

Well the only way to fix this is to not use spawned floors, or change the player or floor shape.

Every block you spawn is a square hitbox and those keep grabbing the corners of the square player.
Making long floors would also help with this, but squares do not riding on squares.
I also call this corner clipping.

unfortunately i am very bad at making pixel art so i dont know about making larger floors

Hey @Drolfey the issue is that you cannot reliably slide squares across each other, the corners can snag. Why will a capsule or circle not work for the player collision shape? The sprite itself does not have to change.

@grazer i changed it to a circle and the sprite overlaps with the floor by 1 pixel that is why i didn’t want to do it but its not that big a deal i guess.