Color Complex - Flowjam (CodeAlpaca)

Hello, welcome to the colorful world of a deserted game!

Collect storage cards to increase the game’s Space and unlock the Level Builder!

The game is still in construction, but it’s mostly polish work. If you have any suggestions feel free to give them!

It would also be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a good idea for the thumbnail

In case you are confused about anything in the game here is an in-depth explanation


General Gameplay

Use WAD to move (There is a Double Jump which is required for some levels)
Use SPACE BAR to shoot (Used to activate Buttons, Delayed Timers)

Color Buttons activate Wires of their own Color (A Blue button will only activate a Blue Wire)
Wires will activate Objects of the Same Color (Doors, Platforms)
Platforms will start to move upwards when you touch them. As they move up you will be locked onto them.
Doors open when a Wire (or another activator) of the same color is activated next to it.
Lasers will shoot out energy of the same Color
Switchers (has a Rainbow Arrow) will activate in the direction it is facing. The Color it Outputs depends on the Color that went into it.
Delayed Timer (Has a clock on it) will output EVERY Color after 3 Seconds. The will activate after being touched by anything (Blast Particle Effect, Stepping on it, Blast, Boxes, Platforms, etc)
Boxes have gravity and some cool particle effects.
Pressure Plats (Buttons on the ground) will be activated if a box is pushed on top of it.
The Starting Portal is gray and Blue, the player will always spawn here.
The Exit Portal is gray and Yellow, touching this completes the level.

Clicking the House Icon will take you to the Menu
Clicking the Circle Arrow Icon will restart the level

Level Builder

Pressing ENTER will open the Item selection. Click one of them to choose the Object you want to place down.
Pressing SPACE (Which can be held down) will place the Objects.
Pressing BACKSPACE (Which can be held down) will delete the Objects.
Pressing CONTROL will take you to the Options Menu.

Clicking SAVE LEVEL will save the level (Depending on what is selected for LEVEL SELECT is which save file it will be added to. Maximum of 10 save files)
Clicking DELETE will remove all the objects in the level.
Clicking LEVEL SELECT will select which save file you would like to SAVE or LOAD.
Clicking UPLOAD will require you to save the level first, then complete the level once before it is automatically uploaded to the Community Levels List.
Clicking LOAD LEVEL will load the level that is selected via LEVEL SELECT


The leaderboard is a custom one used to display your Average Percentile.
If you average 100% on 5 of the 16 levels your percentile will be 31.25 (Percentile1+Percentile2+[…]/16) or 500/16

This means that completing more levels will almost always increase your Percentile Rating.
If others have since beaten your times your percentile will be lowered to your times current state.

Special Thanks To:

@DinoDev who made this all possible by partnering with me, truly an incredible person
@Galactian for giving some really inciteful feedback on the game (If you have anything else to say that would be great)
Grazer (I won’t ping you dw) for helping fix a bug in the game that completely crashed it
@rcreger who posted some music that I am able to use.
@JR01 for being an incredible supporter of this community and making the Leaderboard Bundles
Assets used from CraftPix

And finally…

The Game


If you notice any bugs please report them and let me know so I can fix them.

If you have any suggestions please suggest them so I can consider adding them.

– Sincerely,

Your Resident Alpaca :llama:


Also, I am still editing the game so do not base your ratings on the game until the actual deadline in
1 day 3 hours




It looks great, well done!


I like this game a lot, great job!


accidentally broke the leaderboard, but it’s fixed now.


Added in Hints, so now if you’re stuck on a puzzle you can click the button in the top left for a Hint.


wow it looks so good!
Might want to round the percentage though


Will there be lore? What about the possibilities of a battle pass?


What is with everything needing lore :joy:


I like lore, my homie likes the battle pass. I believe that he semi-ironically posts these things because he is half-serious.


Oh oops, forgot to round it.

Ok, that should be fixed now!


I mean, there kinda is lore. The game was abandoned by the original devs so the game started to run out of space. Now Frosty (The snowball that gives the tutorial) runs the game


Added in Full Screen, also slightly adjusted a few sprites


Glad my music can be of use XD Liked the game, very well done!


Btw does anyone know how long it takes for a thumbnail to upload? I changed the one for Color Complex about half an hour ago and it doesn’t show the updated version on the Entries page yet.


Usually my changes instantly for me. But it might not change on the submission page or list page since the games lists only updates around 2 or 3 times a day.

But I’m not for sure.


So I fixed an oversight in the Level Builder that crashed the game. Then I fixed another error on my part.
Then I update some sprites to look better.

Then I realized that the Level Builder doesn’t work because of a bug (which I’m assuming is not on my part). It still works kinda, but it starts to duplicate the List in which all the values are for some reason. So that means you can Click “SAVE LEVEL” once and it will work great, but after that, it will start to duplicate, so if you wanted you could reload the page after each Save and it will work, but hopefully I can get this bug fixed


Any last-minute recommendations?