Color Defense 2

It’s been a while and I’ve been missing the genre. Since so many people liked the previous one I made I thought I’d try making another, and it’s already pretty promising. It’s not entirely playable but you can mess around a bit.


Ok, so that’s cool but WhErE’s ThE hArD pArT

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  • added info bar
  • added 4 upgrades for each tower
  • improved UI
  • made the troll look less ugly : )
    I’m very proud of how it’s coming along


  • added a new tower, still working on a name for it; slows down enemies
  • added a new enemy, the skeleton; 2 health, medium speed
  • added a new enemy, dark mage; lots of health, slow speed, summons skeletons periodically
  • added enemy health + name display (still needs to be finished)

Matrix Tower

Big Update:

  • added menu
  • started work on a map
  • added tutorial (pretty much finished)
  • fixed bug with dark mage
  • fixed bug with enemy text
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