Come Celebrate Common Sense's 500th anniversary!

It’s been a long time since we changed the face of our company, from Cense to Common Sense. Today, we celebrate our 500th anniversary, delivering technology and medicine across the galaxy, by expanding further. Now, we introduce our fully-fledged Univrsl Tek™! You can now travel across the multiverse with our new tech. The alpha product is out now, and will be available to the public for a limited time in two months! Also, look for our new prototype technology!

Happy 500th,
Darrall Miamish, CEO of Common Sense Ind.
Sector 4, Ratcher, Idaho Nation, the Republic of America

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Is this supposed to be a meme or a national pride thing

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It’s a story telling how greed never fails, and how the quest for knowledge will eventually destroy us.

That doesn’t answer the question at all

Sure it does.
Short version:
This is just a story I made, and I want people to get interested in it.
Long version:

This is just one of those things I occasionally do, where I post something with an ominous or confusing name, people click it, and they’re suddenly transported to a story I’ve cooked up for the past couple of years. And then they ask me what is is. I say something that doesn’t answer the question, they go away, and the topic is left to rot.

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No, this is pretty interesting lol.

Thought it was from an actual script or something.

No there’s a piece that was made almost exactly 300 years ago titled Common Sense.

yeh, but not 500 years ago :wink: :

Which is the only reason I thought it might be a meme.