Come in this is a free chat


This text will be hidden

just message your friend lol
also welcome to the community!
If you can’t make a DM it’s because your a new user or something like that.

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hi selene, I am sorry about what happened.

feel free to chat with anyone

no, wait why no I am talkin to you this is only friend chat dumbo are you crazy we set this up

Lol there’s already a “free chat” it’s called the Glorious Off-Topic Channel of Destiny. Topics can only have 10,000 replies and the Off-Topic Channel has had so much replies that it’s on it’s 5th topic as of right now.


He @owes0874!

Welcome to the community.
It’s great that you want to start a free text chat here on the forums, but, as Cloud already stated, there is already a topic for this. It’s called The Glorious Off Topic Channel of Destiny. It has 40.1K+ posts.



who ever to join me and canm7544 go on to blooket

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