Come test this wanna be pizza tower game

so tis is what i was working when you get in the game press the door to look at everything I’m planning on putting into the game(try pressing the gray block or press the thing that is at the last trash can) now please note some of them I cant add because I’m on a free account.

this is just a normal platformer, there is nothing pizza tower about this game, there is no love, there is no passion, there is no nothing.

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thats the point of the word “wanna be pizza tower”

but yea ill make sure to add more you will see more love to it over time but for now its just bad

then why do you call it a pizza tower game? it has no pizza tower in it aside from maybe the pig being a reference to pizza tower’s lead designer mcpig

I know what I said i said that because I will make it into one it will tho take some time it would be better if
1:I have indiel so I can do what I want to truly to the game
2:I have school and they rarely let us on chromebook
3:if you could be a lil nice thx

many people have done great things while on a free account


also, have you just started working on this game today or have you worked on it for some time?

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today :grinning: also I know that people do great things with a free account and I can do that but I want to do more because I’m also planing on making this game better then pizza tower


well, i wish you luck, but you’ve got a extremely long road ahead


not that long because i have a secret weapon aka flowlab example and big brain but thank you I will share my progress with you

Hate to be critical, but yeah, he’s right - every gamedev starts out really ambitious, then realize just how hard and time-consuming it is to make a fully fledged out game.
My advice? Don’t immediately try to make a Flowlab game without knowing much about the engine.
Instead take time to learn each / as many behaviors as you can, until you can eventually construct your own games with mechanics and systems you made completely from scratch. It takes years to learn this stuff, but the payoff is definitely worth it and soon you’ll meet the ambitious you once had all those years ago.
This is a standard platformer so far - and it definitely uses just a premade “Run and Jump” bundle and a camera so far. BUT you seem to have some knowledge of how messages and mailboxes work - which took me an eternity to learn, so I don’t doubt you won’t be able to learn all the other behaviors with similar ease.
Another key thing for being a game developer - learn to take constructive criticism. It might help your game for the better. My games are usually filled to the brim with features which I asked the community about first. Ask your fans what they want in your game and experiment with their requests. You might just make one of the best games ever because of that.

TL;DR: You DO have a long road ahead, but don’t give up.


And you also want to have an end view in mind, because Flowlab is not nececcarily the best tool to create your vision. Plus using a different (simpler) tool/game engine might prepare you for a bigger, harder game engine. However, flowlab doesn’t really force you to do any actual coding which you would need to make a better game on a different engine. That’s kinda the point of Flowlab, easy game dev without coding expirience.

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oof im getting roasted all about a simple game that ill update with another thing:sweat_smile: but I did try that and so far my brain just rot when I try to understand them but I do understand most of the stuff like movement, camera, and other thing I’m still yet to understand the hard things like fighting code, multiplayer, and so much more I am planning on reading the behavior list and how they work but like I said I have school and I have to focus on that too so it will take some time but I do thank everyone for the help and I will try all of them but until then I have to go simple :face_exhaling:

i choose flowlab because i love pixel games so i do want to try to make a like pizza tower version but pixel but I do know that it will take some time

uuuh, pizza tower is already pixel art

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Lol, I read the description and when you posted the game on Flowlab it blipped out H O E, XD.

oh right i forgot well it will just be in flowlab

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are you just making this game pizza tower themed because pizza tower is popular

with my big brain and “borrowing” codes ima make a pizza tower game but it’s flowlab and also ima take @Flying_Fajita advice and study the behaviors and see what I can learn about it but I’m making the player sprite rn


im also making a Pizza Tower game!

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