Come visit the Flowlab Casino

here it is @Agent_Y

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It scares me

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Ooooh x), I see… yeah

Once a working leaderboard example exists I’ll make a proper leaderboard, I might also just remake the entire game once that happens


@Agent_Y I just got my Leaderboard working, and I can make an example once grazer fixes a bug.

Huh, cool… What bug?

The text save doesn’t work when you restart the game.

@Agent_Y I just made an example here: Leaderboard Example!

I’ll check it out, thanks

Fixed the game and added a leaderboard, if anyone had a high score or wants to try the game, now it has a leaderboard


this game is super fun. Why can’t I remove the money I added to the bet by accident? and then if I leave, I loose all my money

That’s true, I’m probably gonna remake it from the ground up, and I’ll be sure to add that feature

the behaviors in this one are a total mess

no need to remake it tho, I was just saying ahah
Remakes usually take forever, literally.
Also, how do I win back my rep?

I wanted to remake it anyways, and this one only took me about 4 days last time.

Rep was just a feature I wanted to put into place but never used, I think it might go back up if you make a certain amount of money, not sure

are you still working on this game? if so check the leaderboard lol XD


Beat you

wow lol now beat my sister she’s funfoxy

nevermind, nevermind



Why are you posting this?