Come visit the Flowlab Casino

Casinos bad for child’s.

You mean Children(Grammer!!!)

No I meant what I said.

no i am grammer correcting u

Ok what’s the point your trying to make here?

You did a grammar mistake nothing big :slight_smile:

What @Blackhole_1001 was trying to say was that you had to replace child’s with Children. Since your sentence was using incorrect grammar. Although grammar isn’t much of an issue on the forums so if you spell something bad, then oh well. We all do. It’s just that we ask that your sentences are legible, which I understood what you meant, but Blackhole_1001 was just being nice and correcting you.

Also Sorry @Agent_Y for going off topic, lol.

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Yes thats what i meant

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Hey @Agent_Y, that would be cool if you gain money and bought stuff with it instead of using it as a point system. Maybe you can buy different decks of cards that have different back art and stuff on it, or maybe have different face cards?
You could also use the money to buy different games to play or something. Just an idea, that I think would work really well with this game.


Yeah, I’m going to add something like that eventually. Maybe even some cosmetics for your name on the leaderboard once I get that working

Also don’t worry about it, lol

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I made this game based off a mini-game from Super Mario 64 on the DS, which is a child friendly game…


There’s a behavior that reads the username.

OH that makes sense

gambling smh not very cool man

Like I said, it’s a clone of a Mario 64 mini-game, which is kid-friendly

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I loved that old game, lol.

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Sometimes I still play it lol, on my old ds.


the luckyest pull ever

Luckiest* would be 5 tonight bears, actually :wink: