Community Project Game

Would anyone be interested in starting a dev team to create a game, like a community project? We would use your strengths to our advantage, like pixel art or coding. Even people with flowlab free could help by brainstorming ideas for the game, play testing the game, and even creating example games to show a proof of concept they might have. And of course, people with flowlab indie or above could join the dev team and work on the game. It would be important to keep the code organized and labeled. I don’t have any particular ideas for a game, just making something for fun. Communication would also be important, we could use discord to communicate or something else if you don’t have discord.

I’m in.

Ok great! Do you have discord and do you have flowlab free or indie and above?

I have four people interested so far, and we have created a discord group, if you are interested and have a discord, please let me know what your discord is.

I’m in

School just got crazy… I’ll sit this one out


I’ll think about it…

We currently have 5 people in F.P.S. We would love to get more people from the flowlab community. We could use your talents in our games. Here is out discord.

i’m in, but I don’t have discord, and I have free version, can I play test??? There is private messaging

You can join with a free version, it’s just @“Caleb Strawberry 3” has to add you.
Most of our discussion is on discord,
but you might be able to help through private group messages through flowlab…?

Ok, I have invited you @“Black Hyena Studios”

  1. you can add multiple people to a message in the forums
  2. I have discord and would like to join, but have a free account

WAIT!!! it took me third game slot :frowning:

@MagmaDude100 what is your discord, you can message me it if you want.

ok I have invited you magma dude, what version of flow lab do you have?

Here is our discord server

It said the invite is expired, sorry it has taken me a while but currently my WiFi is down so I cant use my Chromebook

This link shouldn’t expire hopefully.

Seems fun, although ideas would have to be united in some way.