Compare Bug (Solved I guess)

I’m extremely annoyed because I don’t understand why this doesn’t work

First: WHY IS the enter going through the timer is at 0 (tiny delay but still there)
Second: WHY is the compare not true the bottom text block has an ENTER

You can’t see a timer at 0 delay.
Are you asking why the text is still going through when you click enter?

yes and timer 0 works I use it all the time for slight delays
timer 1 stops you from typing normal speed

but also the second point the compare is broken

A timer at 0 tries to have 0 delay, change it to 0.1 and that will fix that problem.

The reason it does not say “yes” is because the A input is not
" ENTER ", but the input B is " ENTER "

the compare is working fine, but enter does not add an enter amount of space on the text

wait nvm but why doesn’t enter block it

The keyboard ANY activates by itself for some reason at the start of the game, maybe you clicked enter right after it started.

it works fine for me

it only works sometimes for me, so add a 0.1 delay

Third, how is it passing through a switch that’s off?

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It’s happening as it turns off

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what do you mean?!

it’s supposed to be ENTER

it is?
also example of 0 timers:


if you changed the text you enter in into “.” or “A” or any other letter (Not backspace, shift, enter, etc) then the compare should work fine. again, 0 timer normally do work fine, but sometimes the timing can get weird.

“Delay Bug”

anyway it is just a enter

I apologize I thought you said you cant use the timer at 0 delay
but what about the enter thing

the text isn’t reading it as enter, it’s reading it as empty, but not EMPTY. it’s a bit confusing, but it is working properly, just not how you thought it would

so I should do what?

idk, when you click enter it should turn it off, so the “yes” output on the compare isn’t really useful, right? I would need to know what this is for to know if this impacted it.