Configure for iPhone


I clicked Configure for iPhone just to see what it would do. Now my game is stuck in a tiny window when I run it and I can’t seem to revert back to the original dimensions, even when I enter the original numbers.

Is there any way to reset back to what I had before?


OK, finally figured it out. Although I could swear I tried this before and it didn’t seem to work, I just had to click Settings and then adjust the width and height to my original size. Since Flowlab thinks in 32-pixel segments you just multiply 32 by the number there in width/height in order to get game screen size. My original game was 768 x 512, or 24 wide and 16 tall (768/32 = 24; 512/32 = 16).

I can leave this up in case anyone else gets into trouble with this. The time when I tried to adjust and it didn’t seem to work, I’m gonna assume that Chrome and/or Flash had crashed.