Connecting Expressions

I need help with the expression tool. I am not dumb, I know math, but i am confused on how to connect it to something i am using.
Screenshot 2022-03-25 11.04.53 AM
I am trying to make it for my camera so that it can move y and not just x

I can’t really tell what you’re doing, you’re putting the expression in set x and move x and a random wire connecting to set y and move x. It would really help if you explained what you’re trying to do with the camera and a link to your game.

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Flowlab Game Creator - testing random things. I am trying to make the camera follow the players y (It was originally a testing game so its named testing) The problem is in hell level.

I probably seem so dumb but i honestly dont know what the heck i am doing.

The thing is, you’re asking for 2 different camera setups for different levels. I suggest doing this and copy/paste the code into a new camera object for levels with different layouts. And then in the camera behavior fit the level you need. (Also make the camera object not solid and movable).

Thats what i did but i am too dumb to make it move y and move x normally.

If you have auto camera on in the camera settings, it will go where it moves.

You need to use x and y position.
Make the camera not solid and movable so it doesn’t run into the player.

Same with the camera in the second level, it needs to go to x and y position and need to be not solid and movable.


I can work the camera, i just need it to go up and down.

Yes, so you use the Y position input…

Sorry for being dumb. I am tired.