Continuous Music

Hello! Incoming noob. I’ve never been very good with coding and I’ve tried numerous times. I settled on working with this to design a sort of prototype for my game until I find someone will to help me code it (I’m going to ask a friend of mine eventually after I’ve finished with all the concepts). This is what I’ve mad so far,
My levels are very short, especially since I’ve only made the tutorial levels. I can’t find any good tutorials or even find if it’s possible to have the song play continuously through the levels without restarting on each one. If it’s possible please add instructions on how. Thanks!

Wow, nice typos, Marissa

So far its not possible, my alternative is a very massive map with the player teleporting to next room after the current one is complete.

Wow looks like a iphone game to me! Gr8 Job!

Thank you both :slight_smile: @jngthree @“Call 911_IDK THE NUMBER”

Hey, i tried it, you should make the player move to the sides more and have to drop down to add more difficulty

It is possible. you can make it so when you hit the lid you teleport around the same level and make hundreds of levels in one!

Thats what i said