Controller Mouse?

Ok, this is important so listen.

I wanna make a mouse right? well not any mouse, a controller used mouse, so how Im thinking is:
I make a sprite in the game world and there is one draggable object, my sprite I made is the mouse, I use the right stick on my controller and put the sprite on top of the draggable object. THEN I hole the A button and move the sprite and it drags the object!!

IS there any way I can do this???

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Ok I went complicated and deleted my noodles, I still need help though.



use an AND with the Over output and when the A key is pressed. The gate may not activate, so use an always behavior for the KeyPress if needed.

For controller movement, I have a controller example.

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Oh which object tho?

The draggable one or the Mouse Sprite

the draggable object

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