Cool game I made: balance (probably my best game yet)

thing about the double jump is i have no idea how to make it always boost the player to the same height. for example, if you were to press double jump like millisecond after you jumped, it would rocket you into the sky. if you were to double jump right before hitting the ground, you would stay in the air for maybe 0.2 seconds longer instead of jumping up at all. so I made that you have to time it.

edit: unless I could make it be more of an upwards dash. then it would always work because then it would teleport you into the air. could be an easy solution but then the player could do stuff like clip through walls and then id have to practically re-create the entire game.

Add a switch that turns itself off then turns on when you hit the ground.

okay so all i really had to do to fix the double jump was set the y velocity of the player to 0 right before having the player jump again.

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i finished the game, feel free to check it out. let me know if you want a longer version with longer levels, enemies mechanics and checkpoints. Enjoy!
(im gonna add sounds soon dont worry)


good game!!! If you have time you could update it iyw


i’m working on fixing bugs right now, Since the game is pretty buggy after release. I’ll add sounds right after

i finally added sounds! now you can enjoy this mid game with some mid music woo Hoo!