Cool Tip for You All - Mobile Game Help

Hey, I just found out something really cool about mobile game making:

The Touchscreen and Mouse Click behaviors are the same when playing a game. I didn’t know about this…


Yeah, now only if that cleanly transferred to making the game…


I didn’t know this for a while too, helpful post to those who didn’t know

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I did know this but I’ve always struggled on making it repeat movement… I think I could just use a switch with a repeating timer but it wouldn’t be as smooth-


I think I know what you mean, @Yorkie2323 . If you look into my game, Ace Vanguard, and find any character, go to the controls and see how I did the smooth repeating mouse movement.

Alrighty, thanks for the help! I might make an example with it so that I can help myself with it whenever I face the problem (which I do face a lot of problems)

I’ve used this since forever and it’s not buggy at all, which I’m grateful for.