Copy and pasting levels (and deleting them)

Some games’ core concepts require the same level but different concepts, or “modes”. Due to an abundance of actors, I believe one could create a level “template”, copy and paste it, and therefore simplify the process of modifying the next level accordingly. Remember, same level, but different modes.

Let’s take Call of Duty into example. I’m not a big fan of it, but if I remember correctly, one of the Call of Duty’s have multi-player maps from the campaign. If I am guessing correctly… they probably created the campaign’s map first. For whatever reason, someone decided, “Hey, let’s take a part of this map from the campaign level and use it for multiplayer!” And so they did. What is the moral of this story? Well, technically, since they created the campaign’s level first, they had to copy and paste it to another level “slot” (I’m not familiar with hardcore programming) for the multi-player map. Consequently, they took the action to delete the campaign’s opening cut-scene, the enemy AI, etc. Thus, the multi-player map would not be the exact same if they could not copy and paste to begin with. If they re-built from scratch, it is likely that there would be slight and/or major differences. They would also have to re-add the level’s aspects, such as lighting, perhaps permanent texture decals, all of the tedious things.

My point is that it would be easier just to be able to copy and paste a level as templates to reduce the process of taking the tedious actions. Yes of course, even if this feature could not be implemented, the level technically does not NEED to look the exact same. However, having the level to look the exact same is a convenience and even a necessity for some videogames. Redesigning the level to be the exact same may be too time consuming for some people.

Also, I saw no option to delete levels? I mean if a level and it’s actors are really pissing me off, I usually find it easier to delete everything and start over.

Throw in the input

Interesting idea Muphins. Just to make sure I understand you, you are thinking of just like a “clone” button for levels, so you can duplicate a level and start with that?

I can kind of see how that would be useful if you had a set of levels with a lot of the exact same objects in them.

For what it’s worth, in your Call of Duty example (or other game with the same map/multiple modes) they wouldn’t make copies of the level - the level is the same, they just start it with different spawns and rules for different game modes.

Precisely! A duplicate/clone “button” is exactly where I was heading.

And oooooh to your Call of Duty example. I am more familiar with Halo 3 (and up), and I have to say that your explanation applies exactly to that series as well. I remember forging back in the days.

I understand how you can “kind of” see how it would be useful. Allow me to try explaining this one more time. We have two comparisons and we need to judge which process will take the LEAST amount of time:

  1. Duplicating the level.
    There are ZERO objects in this particular level, so this is kind of like a template. As a result, one can place WHATEVER they want if separate game modes are needed. You know what that means? BOOM, we have our actors placed. Nothing needs to be enabled/disabled on particular instances just for the sake of compensating for a game mode. Can you visualize how time consuming that would be? (And not to misunderstand you, I’m sure programming flowlab is very time consuming for you, as most things in life would be. But I guess the only difference is you know what you’re doing?")

  2. Without duplicating the level.
    We have one level to work with. Personally, I don’t want to have to go to each individual actor on a single level and make the necessary triggers to accustom the videogame’s game mode. One would have to make so many changes including “RESPAWN THIS ON THIS INSTANCE WHEN THIS OCCURS” or “DESTROY WHEN THIS ACTOR HAS BEEN CLICKED” or “DISABLE THESE PARTICULAR BEHAVIORS”. I’m not a genius at game making lol. That’s probably the best way I could explain this scenario; I don’t know exactly how behaviors would need to be changed. I know that it will require a bit too much of change. Flowlab’s mechanics don’t necessarily contain “changing spawn types” or “changing the game type”.

And I believe that’s all I have for now.

Hey Sneaky Beaver - are you Muphins or are you guys just working together?

I have another question: We have been talking in the abstract about single player vs multiplayer, but it may help if you let me know what specifically you are trying to do. There may be another approach we haven’t considered yet.


Sorry it is indeed two of us working together.

I’ll try to make this as short as possible;
I basically want to be able to clone a level (for two game modes), then add whatever I need to both. It would be easier then using the same level and changing the behaviors in the level to accustom both game modes.

I would tell you what I am trying to do but I don’t want anyone taking the idea. Would you prefer I PM you at this point?

Sure, send me a PM - more details would help me understand your use case better.