Copy animations

I would like to be able to copy an animation and have multiple versions. I have made an animation for a guy walking to the right and it plays when the player presses right. When they press left it plays the walking left animation. When the player presses nothing the idle animation is played.

The problem is I can not simply copy the animation for walking left and flip it and save it an a new animation. I do not want exactly the same animation used for both directions.

I have applied the same animation to my guy for the moment but I don’t want to have to redraw the 17 frames in the other direction I just want to be able to flip it and edit it. I could get around this problem if I could export a gif because I could just flip it in image ready and then import it as a new animation if that feature was there.

Here is my little guy. (idle animation is only one frame at the moment.

Why not make your images in GIMP or Photoshop, then you can flip all frames at once? Flowlab is in beta, so there are 50 requests lined up already. Your idea isn’t bad, but currently, you can’t even delete frames, animations, or levels.

I am a photoshop expert so this is a very simple thing to do. I have currently been creating the sprites within the flowlab sprite editor and without an export option the only way to flip my images in photoshop would be to remake every frame again in photoshop.

I think due to the extreme limits of the flowlab sprite editor I will have to not use it at all and instead come back to this site in a month or so after spending that month creating all my assets in image ready.

The nice thing about the editor is I can easily flip to another aspect of the game anytime I get bored drawing sprites and animating. If I am to just use image ready there is no point in coming to the site until, well, my images are ready. lol

I like your Raphael sprite. I’m wondering what type of gameplay will come.

Cheers. It looks like Raph because of the red arm bands and knee pads. They should be brown really as I like the Eastman and Laird Turtles. The current sprite is really Don. :smiley:

I have a few game styles in mind though.

I was confused when you started out as a stick.

Hahahaha that was the base figure. Unfortunately cloning a sprite did not make a new instance of the animation so editing the clone actually edited the original. :frowning:

Oh yeah, it’s a literal duplicate, not a separate object. It’s good for making enemies, but if you want a Player 2, you have to do it manually…

Well this app is damn good regardless of the faults I have encountered so far. Image ready here I come.

I found a cool app named PlatForge Beta 1.06 and I think flowlab should become like it.

And thanks for your help.

I’m glad you enjoy it so far. The site is only a bit over a year old.
I am happy to help anyone, feel free to ask questions, when grazer isn’t around.

You should find SEUCK forums and show off the site there. I am sure you will get visitors and stayers.

I’ve never heard of SEUCK. Maybe @grazer has.


Shoot em up construction kit. C64 and Amiga'Em-Up_Construction_Kit

I’d like to add that even SEUCK had pixel collision on the C64. :smiley:

Ohhh, that was for the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST. Those were a few of the game systems I didn’t own, including an Atari Jaguar, and a NeoGeo pocket.