Copy Object

In your object library you have your objects or backgrounds. Though it would be nice if you could duplicate them to make a whole new object that has no connection to the original. This would be useful for a person who has an object with a lot of coding and animations but have to now make a new level but only have to change one piece of coding. The problem being that if the person adds the object into the new level and remove the camera block. Now the object for this room is fine but in the previous level the camera is now messed up.

Sure you can just make a new object but it would take hours to recreate the coding and animations.

you can copy paste coding.
And animations well its not hours. I have done it a few times so yeah it don’t take that much time.

It would help though to copy an object and just to create a new one.
Though you are right.

Ok I changed my mind this would be super useful.

Or use the same object but have the level tell it what to do differently. I can make a frog hop on land and swim in water. You don’t need a copy.

Another option is to have the common logic in a Parent object, then put the differences in Child objects.

Yes I know, I did that in flowjam @“Mhx Ar”

but I want to change a few things on the object and would have to copy paste all the behaviours and make them all go off if the level tells so.

It’s more complicated than it sounds.

@grazer Parenting objects wouldn’t work because I can’t change the behaviours in a child :frowning:

Example: I want to change all the keys in the object but I can’t do that in a child and I would have to redo all the behaviours if they were the same object

after I said this I came up with the idea what if we could change and set the keys mid-game like numbers but with letters or something

Or if you have a camera on a character but when you finish the level the next level is a different size so you have to change the camera. This wont work with a parenting object because the camera will be on the parent. This is the problem that I am having.

For the camera, can’t you set X and Y now? I never paid attention. Are we not able to set a new X and Y barrier for auto scroll X and Y? I barely even use barriers, I just set the camera to follow the player. That’s why I was working on the raycast camera.

You can make a separate object camera for each level instead of putting the camera on the player object

@PixelPizza yes you can sorta. Have the child have a message send to self and have the behaviors in the parent object