copying bundles from games and examples

I am always using the helpful examples and love them because they are in fact helpful but, I tried bundling them and saving it but i didn’t know you couldn’t. I would really like it if we could keep the bundles that we take from the games or at least the examples. i’m pretty good at making them but sometimes I just don’t want to have to have to switch back and forth from tabs to copy it. just a suggestion doesn’t NEED to be done but, I think it would be really helpful

Hey @jessetime360 - you can copy the behaviors directly from the examples and import them into your game.

how? I’ve tried putting them in a bundle and saving them. is there another way?

Select them and copy, then import in your game.
(Click import instead of paste in step 4 then right click and paste in the box that pops up)

Copy & Paste

wow I feel so stupid