Cosmic Rift 2 Update [Demo V2]!

Having fun yesterday which means the April Fool day? Well, if you had clicked “The Galaxy War” game, that was just a prank, it is still in testing, didn’t complete the animation and didn’t have any enemies yet. But the Cosmic Rift 2, the demo V2 has arrived!

Even though the story mode and the final boss haven’t finished yet because of the limit of the objects and memory frame, the gameplay has all been done. Now, I will mainly focus on updating “The Galaxy War”, which means the prank of yesterday and also will be a part game of the Cosmic Rift game series.

When conditions permit, I will update all Cosmic Rift game series the story mode, with more than 1 ending for [Cosmic Rift 2] and [The Galaxy War]. You can try the Cosmic Rift 2 with the link below and tell me if there are some bugs. Thanks for playing!

Sound Effect Update:
This is one of the last updates of this game. Hope y’all enjoy.

Pause Button, Cooldown of “Eye of Light” and Enemy’s Range of Vision:

  • Pause Button: I added the Pause Button so you can do some other stuff and will be none of the enemies trying to kill you when you are doing your stuff.
  • [Important] Cooldown: Eye of Light now is NEFT. The cooldown time increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds, which means it will be harder to realize if there’s any enemy try to surprise attack you.
  • Range of Vision: Updated the Dark Slime’s vision so it can’t clump together and sticks to you when the “Eye of Light” skill that shows all enemies is on cooldown.

This is the last update, everything else will be in Remaster Update in one day (expect bugs need to be fixed). Thanks for spending your time to read, play and enjoy my game, I will make my games better and better.