Cosmic Stranded [ "Better And Stronger" Update! ]

Yeah but strangely Asteroids don’t tend to spam when I’m on day 41 and more since I tried testing it.

For some reason, they only spawned in groups for me. I thought it was like an asteroid belt event or something.

I would rarely get one by itself and then after a minute, 5 would spawn at once.
Typically, they can be easily avoided by clicking really fast, but when they spawn on top of each other is when it becomes a pain.

Would they spawn from 3 directions or 1 line? If it’s in one line, do you have any ideas on how this could’ve happened? This could only happen if Asteroid Senders overlap each other but they never do, and the Asteroid Senders can’t spam.

Can you please make a pausing button?

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I’ve been thinking about it but I’m afraid that pausing would mess up the timers and if you unpause then a bunch of things would spawn in at the same time, such as planet clusters and the main problem I’m having here which are Asteroid Barrages.

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I had 3 of the 5 spawn in the same spot or roughly the same area and most of the time it’s more on the left part of the screen than the right. Technically, I don’t exactly know a solution to it.

I’m looking at the code and I have no clue what’s even going on, lol.
I’m pretty sure there’s a much simpler way to have randomized asteroids, and I think somethings happening where it’s being repeated somehow, or multiple spawn behaviors are happening at once.

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Does anyone know how to make Yotube videos loop? If I didn’t keep having to restart my Epic Gaming Music, I would’ve gotten past 50.

If it’s in a playlist, you should have the option to loop and/or shuffle.

I don’t know if it’s the same on the app, but I mostly listen using browser which has a slightly different layout.

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If on PC you can right click and there will be a bunch of options, including loop. To right click on a trackpad that doesn’t have a right click button you must tap 2 fingers onto it.

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Procrastination is making sure I don’t work on the adding upgrades to the game, please help.

I think you should update some more buttons like tab/full screen, back home screen or just a setting with all of them because when I click some time it just return to tab screen and kinda annoying.

…tab screen?


I am going to work on the upgrading part of the game so you know what that means? The game is going private.

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you know the full screen button, that’s what i mean about because i think you should have one in the gameplay part because the double click is kinda annoying, even though the game is definitely good.

But you already are able to fullscreen in-game.

It’s only on the main screen, lol.

No, tapping the ship turns on fullscreen in gameplay and on the main menu. If on PC you could also just tap the “F” key.

I see, thanks, I will try

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Oh shoot you can’t try right now the game is actually private since I’m working on something.

Going through the upgrade update very quickly, this should be done fast!
Also this will no longer be the last update since I still have some other stuff to do.