Could you guys check out a quick game i made?

I made a game called stop the swarm ( and I want to see if any of you guys want to try it out. I will take any feedback. I dont have a paid account but I still have a lot of objects to use so be sue to tell me anything. Not the best coder but this one I am proud of.

Cool game but what happens once you wipe out all of the bad guys?

Nothing yet. Im thinking of making 2 more stages, multiple more enemies fixing other things like the minigun. I just wanted someone to quickly test the base gameplay mechanics

OK Great! Definitely add more enemies and weapons, but your game looks great!

Will do

Hey @BongoCat I see you added new enemies with their own weapons! Great job! With the new enemies I found your game much harder. Try to give the players a better chance. Other than this, Good Work!
Suggestions: 1. Add another type of gun like the mini gun
2. Add power ups that sometimes drop from enemies
3. Make the enemies come in waves
I can’t wait to see what you do with your game! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe you could try and do some animations for defeated bosses and when you pick up a new weapon.

I added a shotgun. What should I add next?

I know, add a hunting rifle!

Ooh and it can have an explosion with it which can be large splash damage

Gr8 idea, and u could add a grenade launcher!