Crashing page and weird problem

When I try and play my game it says the page is unresponsive. I tried multiple accounts and areas and computers. What should I do?

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Can you send a screenshot of the tab crashing?

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Is it an internet problem?

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No there would be an infinite loop, could you send me the code?

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What code???

This code is the loop.

You need to remove it.

Do i remove that entire thing


It worked!!! Thanks!!!


Solution please.

You can’t just tell him to delete all of his code, lol. You should tell him a better way to do it.

Its only one part which I thought I had deleted when I coded it.

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Oh, so it was mean to be deleted?

That part was supposed to be deleted

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Ok, then you can ignore my previous posts and give Hi Five the solution.

I just deleted that part of the code. It turns out I did not need that.

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So you’re still experiencing an error?

this code isn’t the problem…


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yes it is, The Iris spawns more Iris which spawn more, and more.