Crashing Upon Use of Physics Joint

Hey, all. Already back to the forums asking for help hahaha

I’m toying around with making a remaster of Dasher: Arcade, and my adorable little astronaut has run into a problem: Whenever I attach the sprite made for its eyes via a physics joint, Flowlab crashes. This is both very bad for my game, and Dasher’s 20/20 vision. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A video of the eyes’ behaviours is shown below, as well as screenshots of every game behaviour so far.

The gremlin causing the issue. The game runs perfectly fine, so long as the eyes and Dasher are not attached. This has been an issue for the attach behaviour, as well, for whatever reason. I have to use a physics joint regardless, if I want the eyes’ to do as I wish.

The randomisation system that is in charge of when Dasher’s eyes blink.

Both Dasher and Dasher’s eyes have this size modification system in them.

This is the randomisation system in charge of deciding which direction Dasher’s eyes decide to look at any given time.

Video displaying what the eyes are supposed to be doing.

Thanks for any help, I hope the specifications are enough to assist. Here’s a link to the project itself:

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You know you could use a attacher because its much easyer than a physics joint.

As mentioned above; the attacher has also crashed the game. Also, the attacher limits object behaviours, which would then disable the eyes’ ability to move around and blink. Both of which I have decided are essential to the game’s presentation and charm

I guess you should take this up with Ken. also if you need help with an enemy bot than I have an entire pre-packeged bundle.

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The reason this is crashing (probably) is because you have a physics joint attaching itself, so it will run the code again and attach another one. And another one, in an infinite loop, where it eventually crashes.

Also, providing a game link would make it way easier to solve your problem.

heres the link to the game(also it was already there unless you could not see it).

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I did provide a link, it was at the bottom of the original thread following the code screenshots I provided. Yeah, thank you @B00T987

And in answer to your question; no, there is no infinite feedback loop happening.

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your welcome.(space so I can post this)

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It is an infinite loop because you made the player be the parent for the eyes. This means all code running in the parent object is also running in the child object. So the eyes are seeing the code to add a joint for eyes, and creating an infinite loop.


Didn’t even realise I had done that, a little rusty hahaha. Still coming through half a decade later, thanks JR. Sorry, @Flying_Fajita :sweat_smile:

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so are you an indie?(why dont I message you directly)

Was. @browngr was my original account from back in the day. Used to do a lot of AI stuff, tried to develop really big story games, but they were huge commitments so I never managed to complete any of them. As far as technological accomplishments went, though, they weren’t bad.

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I was @jack.r but the account was abandond

Sorry, I didn’t look at the forums for a while, didn’t catch the game link