Crashy Planes [Beta]

 Hey! Humans of the universe! I am working on a new game and decided to show it to ya'll as I'm making it (even though you would have eventually found it).

Remember Flappy Bird? well, do I have a game for you! Even if you dont like flappy bird, this game is so hard to stop playing!
What are you waiting for? Click the link below for the current version of the game! Also, dont forget, to share this game with other people if you really actually enjoy it that much!
Game Link:
More updates to come! Stay tuned! I also would like your feedback on my game, that would be greatly accepted!
-Lyndon, founder of Tall Boy Productions

Hey Lyndon,
Nice work so far, it seems to work smoothly.

I think maybe the circle collision shape on the plane character makes the game harder than it should be, since it’s difficult to tell when you’ll collide with something. Maybe a rectangle or polygon shape would be better?

aahhh…lemme try that…thanks :smiley:

Added some good old power ups. Have fun.
Note: Power ups only last until death