Creating a Screenshot button

Hi, I’m hoping to create a game for students, but was wondering if there is a way to play the game (manipulate the items on the level) all while a button is present on screen that once pressed would take a screenshot of the game and save a jpeg on the computer. Hope that makes sense.

I wish for students to be able to move items around a map and then take a screenshot to save what their city looks like after they assigned the items to areas.(i.e., factories, houses, roads, etc)

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Hey @FRDC - This is not really practical to achieve since the built in screenshot functionality just overwrites the game thumbnail and doesn’t provide a download option.

One workaround might just be to use the computers built-in screenshot for that?

Chromebook: Ctrl+“show windows” instruction link

Windows: “Windows Key” + “Print Scrn” instruction link

Mac Shift + Command + 3 instruction link

Hope this helps

Yea, I realize the computers have a built in option. However, it’s kids who would be operating the game, and it would not be easy for them to know which type of computer they are using or even how to act on the commands if told how to do it. That’s why I think simplifying the process might be best.

If not able to download a screenshot from the game, then maybe the ability to email a screenshot perhaps?