Creating an RPG

I’m working on a game called<a href=">The Trash Bag

at least the hyperlink worked

It’s pretty good, but what’s that thing that flies at you constantly?

its fun

thx, idk wat the blue thing is
the red thing is a barbarian

it’s the sky area so
everything is able to fly

I forgot to say this: Press q to do a melee attack and space bar to do a long ranged attack

does anyone know how to use an xp bar that keeps your progress

hey im having trouble with my rpg can you help i’ve got my movement working but im trying to get it so when I turn my attacks turn with my character so the attack goes in the direction im going in

this is my game you’ll have to load level 2 or the level named maze that first one is going to be the menu

why are you gravedigging this?

@latif3 it’s relevant so this is ok

do you have any solutions on how to fix my problem


I think I figured it out but im also trying to make it so when I collect a key I will be able to open a door to the next level and until you have collected the key the door wont work

um i fell through the floor