Crystal storm: the story

So I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with crystal storm.

Here’s the beginning of the story.

The white mage, the strongest of the mages, disappears, causing 3 other mages to turn corrupt. The remaining 2 mages, Crystal (the least powerful) and Sam (the second most powerful) get banished to another dimension for “conspiracy against the council” and the game begins. Crystal wakes up and finds herself in a dark void, and hears 2 voices, and one senses her presence, and also reveals that another mage had killed one of them. After a long pause, both of the voices yell “YOU” and engage you in a fight. To be continued…

Play the beginning here :slight_smile:

This game also is a collab with Mhx and maybe other creators

Is this game even possible?

Anything is possible!

I think you should either change the damage done to you, or the health that you have xD