CUBED update and comment log

CUBED is a trial and error game with 10 short levels. It has a look that kinda feels like Box Boy. There’s not much to say about it. It’s a short and frustrating game, but keep at it and you can beat every level. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and would love any feedback, thank you!


Link to the game:

Made to 100 plays which may not seem like a lot, but that’s quite a feat for me! Thank you!


Great game, just a few bugs. Sometimes you cant jump because it doesnt register a collision and sometimes the boxes get stuck, but other than that its a real solid game. Nice job!

Nice game! simple, yet so enjoyable and charming!

Thank you so much @Simple_doge5 and @Wybba

I’ve been trying to fix as many bugs as I could, but some can’t be fixed without causing another bug/problem, or just can’t be fixed, period. On that note, I would appreciate it if anyone who plays could inform me of any bugs or problems that they find.

Thank you!

Hey, Greggo! It’s been a while. …wow… very nice game… with 160,102 views!! 290,000 views in four days?! Even my Super Mario game has gone that far! Great job.

Long time, no see @“Cap. Red Crab” or should I say long time, no type? Yeah, I can’t believe how popular my game has gotten. I always love checking out your Mario Game and hope you continue to update it. Maybe we can work together sometime!

…I will very much consider that… Thank you for the offer.

I’m not sure why, but physics in CUBED changed and are really weird. I’m trying to work around this as best as I can, but the game is gonna be really weird movement and momentum wise.

Same thing for my game. The goombas and koopas won’t flip!

Enemies in my game don’t flip either!

Much appreciated @BitWit! The game is in a bit of a weird stage right now since the physics are being screwy.

This is a really polished game for something made on FlowLab, and It is actually pretty fun! A super tiny nitpick I have is to make the skins cycle through in an order rather than having them randomly picked. It seems the way you could do this is by adding one to a number block for every spacebar press and having that number connected to the “go to” input in your character’s animation block. At fourteen presses you could make it reset back to zero with a filter. Of course you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to and either way it is still a wonderful game!

So, enemies in one of my levels are moving back in forth when the hit something, as they should, but in another level those same enemies are not moving back and forth when they hit something. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Sometimes the enemies don’t go back and forth because (A) they are touching another enemy, (B) because the floor is another shape, or © because there is an oddly shaped or square roof.

Thank you @meburningslime

No Prob

Big Update: I have added a checkpoint into each level, so as long as you find and hit the checkpoint block when you die you’ll re-spawn there. The only problem is that nothing resets so if you screw the level up when you die, you have to deal with the mess you made…sorry. If anybody knows how to fix that please let me know. Enjoy!