Cube's Adventure

A very simple platformer game

I just see a lot of people making poor platformer games with annoying game play so I thought about making a “good” platformer.
In this platformer I tried out checkpoints and one-way blocks. Feel free to open the game in the editor and take a look at the behaviors :slight_smile:

Left and right arrow keys to move
Up arrow key to jump
S to save the last checkpoint location (so when you come back you’re at the last checkpoint)

You can play it right now
Hope you enjoy for 5 minutes

Those graphics tho
so impressive (not sarcasm)

Hah seriously? I made them myself :hushed:

You better not be referring to crimson hunters when you say bad platformers >:c

Loved it!

I’m trying to add some music but a dropbox .mp3 link doesn’t work.


I did these before.
I have boos (when you dont look it, it will try to hurt you), one way switches, switchable one way switches…
You can play it from here.

You stoled my idea :neutral:

I like the game, the graphics are incredible, but there should be some type of background music. i know there is a website called BeepBox, it makes 1980 game music.

I already tried to add music. But it doesn’t work.

@Latif3 usually you need to refresh when adding music

I’m not a noob that doesn’t know that lol.
When I try using .mp3 links from other games it works… strange :frowning:

Use kiwi6 instead of Dropbox

Ohh Kiwi6 worked :smiley:

Added music

i love this game

This game great! Why am I the only one who has favorited it!? It is super slick and very well made - nice work :slight_smile:

Wow thanks Grazer :smile:

ha love it (;

Update: made some useless coins

Give me ideas what can I do with it.

Collect all the coins on all the levels and you get a bonus level