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IEEC’s exploration of the desert planet Tarranus has yielded some interesting results.

Lead Archeologist: Cobalt [No surname on file]

Analysis of the surface reveals sedimentary buildup similar to those found underwater, which suggests the existence of oceans in the past. However, it would have required some cataclysmic event in order to evaporate all the oceans in as short of a period of time as geologic records suggest. Multiple ruined settlements were located, alongside the remains of giant crustaceans. Additionally, some stone carvings were located with text in an unknown language, which we are still working to decipher. We will have to wait for the translation before making any further assumptions.


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The decipherable text on the stone tablet has been translated to Standard to the best of our abilities (note that the stone tablet was damaged, and as such there are large gaps in the remaining text):

To any who may come to read this, consider this a warning. Remain quiet and… lest the wrath of the divine wings rain down upon your kind as it did upon mine…arrived with their glowing bastions, as if death incarnate…ravaged our beautiful oceans, brought us to heel…abominations of their own creation enforcing their savage rule…taken all that they could, left us to rot…these words may be the last remnant of our voices…do not even dare to cross paths with…

This is a massive discovery, as the existence of extraterrestrial life is all but confirmed. However, it seems that these “divine wings” do not take very kindly to other type 1 and above civilizations on the Kardashev scale. Based on the description given in this text, they are most likely a type 2 or above civilization, therefore caution must be exercised, and precautions must be taken to ensure humanity is prepared if we ever encounter them.

It’s probably best if the public doesn’t catch wind of this just yet.


Is Standard based on British English, American English, Australian English, or Indian English?


Thinking about how planet names should be denoted, because even irl people can’t decide:

" Currently, according to the IAU, there is no agreed upon system for designating exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars). The process of naming them is organized by the IAU Executive Committee Working Group Public Naming of Planets and Planetary Satellites. The scientific nomenclature for the designations usually consists of a proper noun or abbreviation that often corresponds to the star’s name, followed by a lowercase letter (starting with ‘b’), like 51 Pegasi b.[20]

The lowercase lettering style is drawn from the IAU’s long-established rules for naming binary and multiple star systems. A primary star, which is brighter and typically bigger than its companion stars, is designated by a capitalized A. Its companions are labelled B, C, and so on. For example, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is actually a double star, consisting of the naked-eye visible Sirius A and its dim white-dwarf companion Sirius B. The first exoplanet tentatively identified around the second brightest star in the triple star system Alpha Centauri is accordingly called Alpha Centauri Bb. If an exoplanet orbits both of the stars in a binary system, its name can be, for example, Kepler-34(AB) b."

Source: Wikipedia, Astronomical Naming Conventions, Exoplanets


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Barely relevant lore

Top 10 most popular video games in the CubeTales universe:

  1. Giant Epic Robot Battlers UK 2010
  2. FIFA40
  3. Night of the Cubes
  4. Dawn of the Elderly Cube Flight Assistants
  5. Macrohard Drive Simulator 2039
  6. Elder Birds 3
  7. Call to Space: Revenge of the Green Eggs
  8. Chicken Nugget Scientist Simulator 2039
  9. Mecha Terror Horror Kings 2
  10. Ninja Farming 2040

The mysterious tentacle monster cube, enhanced by cybernetics and engaging with dark scientific horrors beyond our comprehension… Soataki.

CubeTales 3 Soataki


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Understood. Yeah, you’re totally right about that, the design is basically like that and needs more work if idea was to be acceptable. Do you think the character idea (not its sprite design) is solid though?

Finally, more lore!


Void is essentially antimatter that inhabits an anti-dimension of sorts that exists in parallel to the observable universe, and is capable of self replication.

Once discovered by humanity, they were eager to harness Void matter’s volatility.

The first practical use of Void came in the form of an alternative energy generation method. When Void reacts with anything other than a select few metals, it results in a massive release of energy. The VID, or Void Injection Drive, consists of two vacuum chambers, one to store Void matter and allow it to replenish itself, and one for the actual reaction.

Similarly to a combustion engine, the VID draws Void matter into a vacuum chamber, into which a material that Void reacts with is temporarily introduced, causing a chain reaction that releases tons of chemical energy, which can then be converted into other types of energy for all your needs.

And of course, because humans are going to do human things, the principles of the VID would later be applied to weaponry (around CT4/NM time period void weaponry becomes more prominent).

(Yes, CubeTales and NeoMetal are in the same universe)

Valentine’s day/rizz lines for CubeTales fans

  • You’re the Void to my weaponry
  • Are you a cube? Because I want you in my tales
  • It’d be Gren if you were my valentine!

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