Current update (+ Good News)

Hey guys, Shadow here. Reading the messages I’ve been getting about considering coming back, I’ve decided I will periodically drop in and give updates.

It’s been 3 months since my last message to all of you and I am halfway finished with my college courses (I have 8 weeks in all and I am on week 5) and I am currently under a lot of stress. Long nights, piles of homework, classes, and no sleep and it’s really…really hard. However, knowing the journey is almost over is motivating me to keep pushing forward. My current grades in my classes are an 88 in college algebra and a 85 in english 101. I’ve always strived for A’s so I am not satisfied with the B’s at all lol. After I complete these 2 classes, I can finally start pursuing my major of computer science, where I will work in cyber security. If your wondering how I’m almost done college already, it’s because I took college classes during high school in a program called dual enrollment, so I had an early start.

Side note: I came to the realization that there is still knowledge I can instill in you all and more I can learn from you guys as well, so instead of leaving permanently, I decided to listen to you guys and stay a little longer.

I know you guys might think I’m indecisive but life can can alter your choices, and I couldn’t bare just leaving you all behind like that. So I won’t be here full-time but I won’t be gone forever.