Custom "AI" behavior

Remember before reading: this is more a concept idea for organization for improvement of the engine. This idea also demands a lot, so i understand pretty well if it is not acceptable.

I took this idea from Unreal Engine: a section that’s designed for tree branches.
In the bundle settings there could be a “tree branch selector”. In it all the behaviors come to head down. There also could be a new list: a AI customized list

In this AI list we could add behaviors as number selective routers, number and text data storage and etc (i think more about behaviors that resume some coding, because it would make ai programming more fluent)

Thank you for reading, Flowlab staff and related


I’m not sure what you’re asking for here. Are you asking for a premade AI bundle?
While AI is possible and I have done a few things with it before, it’s pretty game-specific.


the idea is a button in the bundle settings: it toggles a tree branch layout for the outputs and inputs in the behaviors in it


so the editor looks different?
neural networks and learning ai is much much more complex than you think
there’s a reason it’s only been used publicly commonly for a year or two

setting one up would require natural selection


i know they are very complex, i am just giving a idea of layout and things, not a thing so deep, as though flowlab is not a deep and deep engine

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Like @CodeAlpaca said, making AI is heavily dependant on what type of game your trying to make. You wouldn’t need to a new layout for AI. I am currently trying to test out AI for a game I am making and here is what I have so far, it is not finished but I have the base down for what I want each one of them to do.

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these are hard coded bots, no_u is talking about machine learning

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stop posting this everywhere @Lordkhalton or at least resize it to be smaller

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