Custom collision shapes

I think it would help a lot if the developer would be able to create custom hitboxes for objects. Even just adjustable one-shape hitboxes would be great to have.

What do you think? -would this be helpful?
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  • No.
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Technically you can, unless you’re talking about the hitbox of the object being able to change during the game.

You can always resize the original object into the shape you want, and just put an idle animation on it. Let’s say you’re doing a 3/4 top down view, where the player can walk slightly up against a wall, but doesn’t pass through it. Instead of wasting separate objects just to make a border (Unless you are planning on using a border anyway), you can resize the wall to be a block shorter than it really is, then have an animation on top of it to make it the full size.

I use this technique a lot to resize the hitbox on objects for various mechanics, but I can see a behavior or feature to be able to change an objects hitbox to a different size or shape could come in handy.


Ooh, smart. I was planning on making an idle animation anyways. Thanks!

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