Custom Collisions

In something like godot engine, you are able to choose a shape for your collisions, and scale them. so in an rpg, maybe only the feet would be solid, so that it could look like you could go in front or behind objects. you could also have more than one collision box, like you could have a collision box for the body of an enemy and a collision box for the head, so extra damage for headshots in a shooter game could work, or if your player has a punch attack, instead of a raycast or an emmiter, you could make a positioned collision on the fist that only turns on when you press the punch button. maybe there could be a drop down box on the collision block, instead of "on collision with __ "
it could be “collsion box ___ on collision with ___”

having something like this is a lot to ask, but i think it would be extremely helpful in flowlab, and could lead to tons of different new game ideas, because of the more accurate collision system.


@glithctyrus glad you think It’s a good idea

Oh I hear you @F3Art , are you a Godotter too? LOL

Yes, I love that feature. Ok, here you can create partial collision boxes (like feet only) quite easily, but multiple ones … nah.

Why it works so well in Godot is because you can attach as many as you like to the main node itself.

Not possible in Flowlab atm, BUT … @grazer please listen … here comes my idea:
What if you had an option in the Attacher block that would mark the attached object as ‘collision shape’? That way you could add more than one|
( Now @grazer sees a programing nightmare coming up … )


Big folks, what do you think?

yes @TinkerSmith I am a Godotter
I started using it about a month ago and It’s one of my favourite game engines. I just can’t script all that well yet but I’m getting better at it. GDscript is decently easy to get into.
all the systems in godot just make a lot of sense. I’m still trying to figure out signals though

also it would be good in flowlab if the collider could be not solid as well, used for hit detection, but not collisions with walls

so I actually figured out that you could kind of make a custom collision box just in the sprite editor and just have animations, and you can make extra damage for headshots with raycasts, like i did in one of my games, but it’s still not very reliable, so i think it would still be a great feature. please tell me if there is already a better way of doing that.