Custom color palettes

A custom color pallet for easier colors, it would be good if you need a color pallet for different levels, for example: i could have different grays and blacks etc. for a cave level, i could have reds,greens,browns for dirt, yellows, blues, and just coulorful colors for flowers and the sky. I think this would be a good idea, it would not be useful if you use one color pallet but it will be better than getting lucky and getting the right color on the color picker, or going through tons of pallets to get the right colors. Everybody please at least give a heart for the effort i put into this


I recommend checking out this website here. Lospec has a lot of palettes (all for free) for your game.

he means one inside the flowlab pixel art editor, which I agree with. Hopefully it can get implemented down the line.

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Yea, that’s what he means

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I understand that is what Vaprzz meant, but grazer is a busy guy and I don’t think this is that important because you can easily find palettes elsewhere. I think grazer’s time would be better spent giving us features like a Draw behavior or raycast width which, as far as I know, can’t be gotten somewhere else- but that is just my opinion.

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If he updated easing i bet he can do this in half the time and hes not that bussy this is litterly his job

He also has kids and his own life to take care of too.

wait, grazer is the owner of flowlab?



im sorry!! but who is it

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I know your new on here so I don’t see why you need to be penalized for it.

Yes grazer is the creator and owner of If you ever have a serious question regarding major bugs on the website or have questions about indie you can tag him by @(grazer) without the parentheses. I wouldn’t tag him consistently or without reason because he’s usually quit busy with flowlab management and real life.


Why the heck do you think he has this as a job???


we are out here coding using blocks, but he’s out there coding the blocks using actual coding

Of course he has a family and his personal life to tend to, but this is his job. He wouldn’t have made a feature requests option if he never has time to check them, and take them into consideration.