Custom Cursors by Ghost maker!

Just ask me what the cursor wants to be like creepy or regular what color it is and if you want it to be shaded.


I appreciate this topic. :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:

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Thank you for the support.

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Hey! Do you think you can draw me a space themed cursor? I need it to be able to be seen in a black background and it should be small but visible, thanks!

@Ghost_maker_0 sorry I had to ping you since this topic was made by your old account

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Ok give me a sec Ill be back

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Okay here you go @DeadlyGumChewer

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Thanks dude! Can you download the image and send it to me please?

no problem Sure I got you bro.


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I took inspiration from the internet to get and idea for it.

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Thanks! If you don’t mind I’m going to edit it a bit so it could fit the style of my game. Nothing will change it’s just the pixel size for my game is 2 so I’m going to turn it into that.

Ok that’s perfectly fine by me.

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Also @DeadlyGumChewer do you know where I can get better at art.

Just practice and you’ll be A-okay!
Also I tried recreating to my best of my ability.

The reasons the colors are different is because it needs to fit the color pallet of my game AND needs to be pixel size 2. (not one)

Okay do you want me to make it 2 and the same colors as yours.

Yes please, sorry I forgot to mention that. The one I made on the side is just an example of what I wanted it to be. Also here’s my color pallet:

Okay i"ll make it just give me some time

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Uhhhhh this is difficult with 2.

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Okay I finished @DeadlyGumChewer

Thanks dude!