Custom Music for my Game

I made custom music for my game!

These are the music files:

“My favorite Holiday”

“Lost in Snow Storm”

“Frozen Leaves”

You can rate them and please be honest.

Do you guys think they’re good for my game: Flowlab Game Creator - Level loader
(The music is made with

Thank you!


my favorite holiday is pretty good
lost in a storm is absolutely amazing
and frozen leaves is good background music

Favorite holiday is very calm–6/10
Lost in Snow Storm is great for like puzzles I think–9/10
Frozen leaves is also good for puzzles but also calmer then storm–8/10

Thank you Duck and Blaze!

I will use Frozen leaves and My Favorite holiday for background music.

Lost in a Snow Storm, I will use it for a secret level (maybe).

Lost in a Snow Storm uses IV chord and the iii chord the most.

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