Custom Prefab Logic and Copy-Paste

The ability to save one’s one prefab logic scripts (transportable between projects) would be an incredible addition. Along that same line of thinking, the ability to select multiple logic tiles and copy-paste would be an equally useful tool.

Hey, thanks for the feedback - it’s always appreciated.

I am in fact already working on custom logic groups. It’s a bit involved, but that’s the next major feature on the roadmap for release :slight_smile:

hey grazer do you talk spanish

Sorry Vaal, I don’t speak very much spanish :frowning:

Thanks grazer!

Oh yeah grazer I think you should add walking bad guys its too had for me to get the right logic in my games.

It’s easy, Idk how “always - number 8 - velocity forward - collision any left right - flip (toggle)” is hard :confused:

Ok i get it (I hope I do)

Just adding a little on to this topic so I don’t have to create another discussion, but I think it would be cool to be able to not just copy and paste in one project, but to move your own prefab logic into another game. Also, you should be able to move your sprites to other games. I think that would be really helpful!


Great idea Preston, that’s definitely on the roadmap at some point. This is just a first step.