Customizable Levels

Hello, I would like to know how I can make customizable levels (like Mario Maker or something similar) in my game.

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you need to make ui that can spawn a placable object and use some basic rounding math to round onto a grid and a ton of other stuff

it’s not a simple process and requires an intermediate level of flowlab knowledge, and based on how vague this question is you don’t have any idea where to even start, so you shouldn’t try to make something above your level yet


I have created an example for it, but it’s not good and needs to be remade for clarity and to optimize it.

If you are new, then like Galactian said it is a relatively complicated process. I have made a guide that I think is great for a lot of users (new and intermediate)
How To Improve
How to create Clean Code

Also just keep in mind, your first game obviously won’t be great if you’re just starting out, so I wouldn’t recommend a dream project be the first thing you work on.


That’s a pretty cool example
Yeah, it does look to be pretty complexe.