Customizeble Game Layers

Currently all we have is the background layer, game world layer, and the ui layer. I think it would be cool if we could add and remove layers as if they were levels, giving them their own preset. For example when you start a project, you start with the base three. However, you would be able to add another background layer, ui layer, or gameplay layer. This could be useful for a lot of things such as parallax backgrounds, hiding secrets in your levels, and making your game look better overall.

Of course I know this would be a very big update and would take a while, but I think it would up the quality of the games being pushed out here, and give creators more freedom over what they can do with their games.

IF this were to be pushed out, I would also like to see some logic blocks or layer settings that would make this feature more useful, such as multiple layer cameras to make parallax backgrounds a very easy thing to make, and some way to move sprites between corrosponding layers.

I would love you to look at this @grazer and tell me what you think about this idea!

Well we have layering order for objects in the game layer and now in the GUI layer with HTML5.
This keeps objects on top of each other in the order you want.

Making several UI layers would be pointless because you wouldn’t know what layers of each object is on …and because its the UI.

Same for the background, though having different parallax speeds for several objects would be cool. I think there is more potential for the background layer, if we focus more into it after the patches.

Having multiple game layer could work for having 2 worlds running in front of each other, making games where the character go between the game and “background” (aka Game Layer 2) and having objects that can or only intractable with each other in those layers (same reason a collision doesn’t work for UI and game world layers).

Most of this is unnecessary because there is already a layering order for objects in Flowlab.

I do agree with this @“JR 01” and do see how a lot of what I said is unnecessary, but I do think although its unecessary it would allow creators to organize things and keep things cleaner in their games. It would also substitute for the fact that the UI layer items have no priority feature (even though that would probably be easier to implement) and if put on top of eachother can have trouble deciding which one to show.

Im not really sure where I want to go here its just that some of the layering features are hard to customise and I think there should be more free use of that part of flowlab.