Customized hitboxes or more hitbox settings.

OK, so flowlab hitboxes are fine and all… but what about custom hitboxes? So, let’s say that we want to make… a portal for the main character of our game to go to to check a world/level. The portal sprite (this is the beta sprite, i’m working on a better one, it will have three parts: ladder, trigger and top, yes I am using this concept for the game’ s hub world, here is the sprite at once:
should only work on an specific part: the designed one or, right now, the drawn part. The problem is that the hit-box would get triggered BEFORE touching the portal. And it would be kinda confusing… Yeah, we need more hitbox settings or we should be able to choose the hitbox.

Well there are 2 things you could do;

  • You could make the hitbox a Polygon which would make the hitbox of the shape of the sprite.
    This is really useful to create custom hitboxes such as corners and smaller space.
  • make separate objects to make the hitboxes you wanted.
    This is a technique used by many users to create a smaller hitbox than the sprite or be in a specific position.

The sprite that you linked has several parts. What you could do is either make a separate object for the portal (trigger) or to create an object to get a specific hitbox for where you want the portal to activate when the player interacts with it.

OK. Thank you! I didn’t know that polygon meant that. Yes, I am doing the two things. Though that the “polygon” hitbox meant the shape shown was the hit-box. I am a beginner, anyways.