Cutscene creation

Perhaps is there a way to create a nice cutscene? I do know what behaviors do what, but I would like suggestions and how I should do this.

@MidoriyaSTDC1 one way you could make a cutscene is to have a sprite as big as the screen have an animation, like a movie, that can show the cutscene or just like a slide show of dramatic effects. Another way is two have a bunch of functioning sprites, mainly characters or moving objects, that position around depending on the scene. For example, you can have a few sprites that drive across the screen to depict moving vehicles or running NPC’s, which most of this knowledge you probably know.

Those two are probably the only actual ways of doing a cutscene. Although I can’t go into further detail on which one you should use since I don’t know what kind of game your making or the story-line. You don’t have to send a game link or anything if you don’t want, but I would recommend doing a large sprite with animations when doing a more slow or dramatic scene that doesn’t include much action, but then do the other choice with multiple sprites moving in a coordinated way to show a scene within the game. So make sure if the player is in the cut scene to not be able to move around unless it’s like a minor cutscene which is similar to just NPC actions like talking to you while you can still play and explore the game.

Although Cutscenes aren’t my strongest subject, I hope you can find some use in this knowledge that I’m not entirely sure if I explained it right, lol. I can’t wait to see what game you decide to do and how awesome it’s gonna look in its final form.


Alright, thanks for the advice. The cutscene was the player running away from an explosion, and it actually turned out pretty well.

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Nice, glad I could help.

@ManiacPumpkin, Shader plugin would make the cutescenes better.

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@R0CK Agreed (20 characters)

I was watching the video and noticed that most of the scenes were based on 3D games, but that would be super cool if we had shader effects or just special effects in general for cutscenes or just the main game. I also think we should have a flashlight feature, like a light shining and you can only see where you or the cursor is pointing. I’m completely down for this to be added in flowlab.

@ManiacPumpkin, Check this link out. There are loads of features that I really need to have in flowlab.

Some are really cool.


There are ways to add flashlights in flowlab games already

Well, I mean a more easier way of adding it.

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Yes, you are right. There are ways to add flashlights in flowlab games.


Greetings @Susanna_Birkenstock, Welcome to the Flowlab Community!

I agree, there are many ways to add a flashlight in a Flowlab game, but please don’t revive topics. The last post on this topic was about three years ago and, since you just posted, this topic will now rise to the top of the category and push down any newer, more important topics. If a topic has been dead for say, a few months or more, then try not to post on it.