Cutscenes and junk!

Add Cutscenes for free users and everyone else,Oh yeah and title screens,loading screens,and
achievements for free users too… Please.

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you can make a title screen as a free user, also cutscenes are already possible with the use of messages, animations, eases and other things


and achievements need to be stored on the server which costs money so that’s why they’re locked behind indie, for loading screens it’s just a nice feature for indies, like a little cherry on top off a delicious ice cream


there’s no Cutscene animation for indies which i think is what you’re saying, you could easily just make an animation though.


Cutscenes and title screens are developer created. No engine has default cutscenes or title screens because those are very different depending on what game the developer is making. Basically, you’ll have to make a level/game area to make menus and cutscenes, which everyone has to do (even people using engines such as Unity and Unreal - they make cutscenes and menus in regular game levels).

As for loading screen and achievements, those are locked for Indie users, but you can make your own achievement system. The only thing you won’t be able to do is loading screens, but that isn’t the worst thing to be restricted from access. If you want the feature, you’ll need to buy the Indie version for the upgrade, which also gives a lot of other features that are just great, plus it gives some money to grazer (the engine developer), since he’s just one dude running, developing, and maintaining this thing.

Sorry for the lengthy response! Cheers!