Daily Game Idea's

Every day (hoping every day) I will post a sort of idea thing to everyone. It will have
Genre (Platformer, top down ect)
Unique features

This is intended for those who can’t come up with stuff. Limiting what to build may seem like a bad thing, but it can help. You can take them in anyway you like. Here is the first:

Genre: Sandbox
Unique feature: 1 minute
Theme: Cyberpunk


you stole my idea!!!

XD shame on u bro…

:unamused: dude I just came up with 3 things. How was I supposed to know it was your idea…

i hosted a game challenge first then you copy me

Oh I thought you meant my game ideas. You meant the game jam I was hosting.

ya of course you did this 2 days after i did at least you could of did it a week after

You know yours ends in 2 WEEKS! That seems too long

i should change that

You should change it back to what you were gonna do

Then I will get rid of mine until yours is over

no dont its fine

Ok… I gave you a choice…

DGI (Daily game idea)
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Modern
Unique features: 1 Chance

what do you mean…

Which post are you talking about

your game challenge…