Dark Ninja - Galactic Games [SCRAPPED SOUNDTRACKS]

You mean like a custom level maker or something like that? I’m sorry @Jsoft_Studios, but I don’t know how to do that. Good luck on your game though!

Also, try making a new discussion if you want help. It is going to be easier for other people to see, and they won’t have to dig through devlog after devlog to try to answer your question.

ok!!! I added all those exclemation marks because the reply must be 20 characters.

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here is the link to my game

we need a wendigo class
because who doesn’t like a good cannibalistic monster?

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Come to think of it, some wendigos are considered spirits, similar to all the other classes. I’ll see what I can do.

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Player Controls - the Basics
So far, I am planning on adding the following controls for the game:

A & D or Larrow & Rarrow - Move left & right
W or Uarrow - Jump
O or Y - Melee Attack
P or T - Ranged Attack (requires ammo depending on hero)
K + L or G + H - Heavy Attack (requires energy)
J + L - Finisher (requires energy)
1, 2, 3 - Use Items (corresponding inventory slot)

If you’re wondering why there are two sets of controls for each action (with the exception for Finisher and Use Item), this is because some players who may play the game are left-handed/southpaw. Plus, I know a few of you favor arrow key controls over the classic WASD. Dark Ninja is a game meant for all audiences, no matter their ethnicity, race, social status, etc, and having lefty controls helps pursue that goal. Although, if you are sensitive to mild blood violence (which I think is very few of you) or the concept of peace versus suffering, player discretion is advised…

Don’t worry, more complex movesets - such as wall jumping - are planned, but these are just the basic controls.


Only 4 days left until the end of the poll! Looks like for now there is a leading two-way tie between phantoms and reapers.

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Well well well, looks like the poll is closed. The Phantom Class has won the vote, and the Geist and Reaper classes are the runner-ups. The Phantom Class discussion was pushed to Tuesday, February 2nd, but the Geist and Reaper class discussions will remain the same date (February 8th).

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New Enemy Class “Phantom” Reveal

As promised, today is the day I will reveal the Phantom class. @browngr, @rcreger, @edwardi, and @Johnny_Boy all voted for the Phantom class, getting the majority vote for the discussion on this enemy class.

So what is a phantom?

Phantoms have a rather simple definition: it’s a ghost. Thought there was more to the story? Nope, that’s it.
Although, when people typically think about phantoms, they imagine ghostly creatures that haunt abandoned areas. This may include roads, mineshafts, and shipwrecks. Phantoms come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they appear as cloaked figures, sometimes as normal ghosts, and other times a flying manta ray thing that bites you if you don’t sleep.

What part do Phantoms play in Dark Ninja? They appear green with no horns and no legs. Phantoms do not interact much with other enemies, and they are immune to heavy attacks and finishers. The only exception are bosses that are part of the Phantom class. Those guys can be injured by heavy attacks, but not finishers. This means that attempting to attack a Phantom with a heavy or a finisher will result in a failed attempt… and a waste of energy.
Furthermore, Phantoms can pass through solid objects (including other enemies), and will attempt to reach the player. Phantoms prefer to act alone and ignore other enemies, even ignoring support abilities created by enemies. They themselves do not have support abilities of their own. In some ways, they are rather selfish, but they always respect the authority that the Prince of Pain has over them (for those who haven’t read the topic description yet, the Prince of Pain is the main antagonist).

Up next are the Geist and Reaper classes!


If you don’t ad the reaper class I’m going to be upset

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Don’t worry, I am adding the Reaper class. All of the classes mentioned in the vote will be added. The only class that is not yet confirmed is the Wendigo class @theglitch055 requested. I’m still considering whether a Wendigo enemy should be part of the Wraith class, or if it should be its own independent class.

Can you add a Firedragon class with a spear of some sort

Perhaps I might…

The thing is that I want to make sure there aren’t too many classes. The game kind of has a thing with the number 7. There are seven heroes, seven enemy classes, and seven levels for every world map (there are two world maps, with two more being added as a side-adventure after launch). Besides, most of the creatures in the game are personifications of evil and darkness, and are ghostly or demonic in nature. While dragons are also a symbol of evil in some myths, they aren’t ghosts or demons. And some dragons are even good creatures, assisting heroes in their fight for peace.

So to answer your question, I don’t know if I will consider adding any other classes besides Wendigo. Even if I did, a Dragon class won’t fit in much.

New Enemy Class “Geist” Reveal
@ManiacPumpkin, @rcreger, and @Johnny_Boy all voted for this class.

So what is a Geist?

Geist is just a shortened version of Poltergeist. Poltergeists are one of the few spectral entities (basically ghosts) that can physically interact with their world. Poltergeists have the unique ability to interact with multiple objects at once. Whenever paranormal activity is claimed to have occurred in a location, poltergeists are usually the culprit.

In Dark Ninja, Geists are usually white with large heads containing a rune on their forehead. Attacking a Geist from above (such as slashing their head or jumping on them) will deal critical damage. Geists have the ability to pick up surrounding terrain and chuck them at the player. All Geist attacks are ranged, and they occasionally support other enemies by picking them up and yeeting them at you. I am not sure how that is considered a support ability, but in the end, that monster who got yeeted got to punch you in the face. Although I am not sure if they are happy with being picked up and thrown, especially since thrown enemies die after colliding with something, even if they hit you.

New Enemy Class “Reaper” Reveal
@browngr, @edwardi, and @Ramshacklegamestudios all voted for this class. @Haevoc has also shown support for the Reapers.

So what is a Reaper?

Reaper is just a shortened version of Grim Reaper, a fictional character that collects the souls of the dead. Also known as Death, the Grim Reaper is usually shown as a nice guy, who is just misunderstood due to the fact that he is responsible for everyone’s mortality. But, trust me when I say this, the Reapers in Dark Ninja are nowhere near as friendly as Death is. And no, Death and the Reapers are not related.

In Dark Ninja, Reapers are orange in color and lack feet. Only one Reaper enemy is capable of flight, only one is capable of locomotion, and only one is stationary. This makes the Reaper class one of the most varied classes, besides the Banshee. Reapers are similar to Demons, though. A Demon’s attack damage is based on the function y = 2x, where x is the amount of times they hit you, and y being the damage output. In the words of @spencertheball, they attack you with a nerf gun, then quickly go nuclear with their shots. However, Reaper’s attack damage is based on the function y = x2, with the same rules. They don’t kill you as quickly as Demons do, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

Now apply this same logic with Reapers, and you get your result.


HA My logic holds out!

Anyways, I’m liking what I see here, looking forwards to seeing progress!

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Now I also want to do another poll. Well, set of polls, since there is two.

Which Enemy Reveal should I do next?

  • Banshee
  • Wraith
  • Who cares? Just draw some art and show it here!

0 voters

Should a Wendigo Class be added?

  • Yes, add a Wendigo Class please!
  • No, let the Wendigos be part of an already existing class.

0 voters


Thanks @spencertheball. I’m happy to see that you are intrigued in this project!


Only two days left to vote for which monster class I should talk about (or just say forget it and demand some art), and whether Wendigos should be independent or part of an already existing class!

So far the Wraith is winning in the first poll, and everybody wants the Wendigos to be part of an already existing class.

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So the results are in: more people want to hear about the Wraith than the Banshees, and would like to wait a little while before they get any art reveals. @spencertheball, @ManiacPumpkin, @Caden9, and @MrMcMemerMan.

As for the second poll, it is official: the Wendigo enemy will be classified as a Wraith, and won’t be its own independent class. @spencertheball, @ManiacPumpkin, @browngr, @rcreger, and @Ramshacklegamestudios

Expect a reveal about the Wraith behaviors on Monday, and expect for the Banshee to come next Saturday. As for the art reveal…
Even though it lost in 2nd place, I think it would be a little better if I at least post some game art. So I decided to post Zone 1 of the World Map.

(In order of when the player will play the level) Party Plains, Mega Metropolis, Chilly Cliffs, Omega Ocean, Jumbo Jungle, Scorching Sands, and Cavern of Chaos (the Cavern of Chaos is an optional level and does not need to be cleared)

So @rcreger, @meburningslime, and @Ramshacklegamestudios, even though you lost the vote, at least you got what you wanted. I think…


I know that the level order does not really go in a straight line, and more like a squiggly line, but the path forward is never a straight line anyways…